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A Bit About Us

about the founder

My name is Schadi, I am a from the DRCongo but I live in Norway with my family, father of 2 boys and 2 daughters, I am a servant of God, I grew up in a very difficult conditions without a father, I was a homeless and I was a needy and a vulnerable myself. in June 2004 I lost my mother due to lack of 500$. my mother was kiddnapped in the DRCongo by a rebel group and they were demanding a ransom of 500US, we could not find the money she was hanged on a tree when others where set free after their families have paid the ransom.

my personnal experience has led me to realize that there are alot of people in the same situation as mine and just like me they might lose their life or their beloved one if no one is coming to their help.

I thank God because He has helped me and my sibling orphanes and I consider myself to be blessed, and that I am not blessed for myself but to be a blessing to other.

that is the short story of how we started and our motivation.

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